Black Star Pastry | Watermelon Cake

Black Star Pastry | Watermelon Cake

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 ‘It was terrific! 

I really enjoyed every moment being shown what is it looking like in Sydney apart from the GRAND Opera House and Harbour Bridge.  Heavily recommended for anyone considering for tour in Sydney in smaller scale with broad knowledge.’


(Sian, Japan)

"Maria will bring you into the most secret, coziest, hidden gem places of Sydney"

Forget about your lonely planet guide and it's touristic attractions, and get into a real Sydney experience. 

Maria is extremely friendly and will arrange her tour with regards to what you have already seen. 

I suspect her to actually be the official Wikipedia entry for Sydney as her knowledge of the city gets way beyond everything I have seen. 

The 6 hours or so we spent together felt like minutes.


(Alexander, France)

'Think back to a time when you've felt the thrill of discovery & excitement when you stumble across an unexpected gem of a place'


Multiply that by 10 over 6hrs of the most eclectic, interesting & unique 'finds' and you'll get a sense of what the Urban Caterpillar tour is like.  Delights & surprises await you at every turn - I'd have to say it's the best tour I've ever taken anywhere in the world.  Maria & Manni's gentle, informative & relaxed vibe mask ultra efficient & highly organised planning & logistics - the tour is brilliantly organised & you get a variety of thrills packed into 6hrs!

(Liana, Canberra)

 One of our recent guests - German artist & travel blogger Gaby Rottler has kindly dedicated an entire blog to the day she spent with us! 

‘Had such a wonderful time with Urban Caterpillar! 

This experience was exactly what I was looking for.  It was unique in the sense that you get to see amazing architecture, see some hidden gems, go to a museum, travel to cool markets and see some great neighbourhoods. 


I’d definitely recommend this experience to anyone that is travelling to Sydney.’


(Marc, Orange County California)

‘Wow, wow, wow!  What a fantastic day we had.

It was our first time to Australia and we were travelling for my mother’s birthday.  Our first stop was in Sydney and are we ever happy we had the most awesome day touring the coolest parts of Sydney with Maria & Urban Caterpillar. 


Our day was action packed and very informative.  Maria dived down into the details when queried which I loved.


We saw, ate & drank from a perspective of an in-the-know and hip local. 


For us it is the only way to truly experience a city.  Whether you are in your 30’s, 40’s, and mom is almost 70 – you will have a blast and truly experience Sydney.


(Michael, Vancouver)