‘Urban Caterpillar’

is a name derived from our multi-stop approach to city exploration. 

We love unearthing beauty in the backstreets! 


‘I am a Sydney born and bred native (let me tell you that’s not so common in our multi-cultural city these days!).  I am a Travel Advisor by trade and an enthusiastic urban explorer by nature.  If there’s a more interesting way to get from A to B, I’ll always take it!   I have traveled the world extensively but I can honestly say that Sydney is my favorite city in the world!  (with New York coming a close second..).

Personally, as a traveler, when I venture to a new city I am not so interested in it’s monuments & museums.  What I REALLY want to know is where the locals drink their coffee, where to find the best weekend markets and vintage stores, the cool street art, galleries and music venues.  In a big city with limited time & contacts, those things are not always easy to find.   Hence the inspiration came about for Urban Caterpillar, an idea I’ve been hatching for a few years now..


So I hope you love our city as much as I do

& I can’t wait to show you around!

Maria Masutti

‘I moved from China to Sydney 22yrs ago and have lived in Sydney’s vibrant inner city ever since.  I LOVE this city, it is my home.  I love it’s buzz, it’s clean air, it’s beautiful scenery and it’s open attitude.  Every weekend I love to explore what’s happening in our city & now I get to show it off to others!  I believe that tour guiding suits my energetic and bubbly nature & I look forward to meeting lots of enthusiastic explorers..’

Biz partner/Guide
Mani Zhang
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